The Classic 6.5 is the perfect scooter for indoor use. The Classic is ideal for smooth and even surfaces, and can attain a top speed of 12km/hr.

Key features:

Variant Classic 6.5
Ground clearance 6.5 inches
Colours Choice of 8 colours or chrome finish
Battery Samsung Rechargeable Li-ion (36V 4400mAh)
Travel time 12kms on a single full charge

The Classic is equipped with a gyroscope coupled with a CPU and Suredrive+ chip that helps steer and brake safely. In addition, the unit is built with protection from over-current, battery de-stabilisation, short circuits and temperature variation.

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The UBOARD is powered by authentic Samsung/LG core cells that provide optimum performance and Prolonged Runtime. The Protection Circuit Board (PCB) ensures that the UBOARD is protected against electronic surge, over charge and over discharge.

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Suredrive +

chipSuredrive + is a cutting-edge technology that detects loss of steering control. It automatically applies the brakes to help “steer” the UBOARD where the user intends to go. Automatic braking is individually applied to wheels to support turning and to provide enhanced maneuverability.


Our Engineers have put in enormous effort in developing the UBOARD. We’ve made sure our product line is secured against complications, such as Overheating, Short Circuits, Battery Catching Fire and Motor Malfunction, which are common in other cheap replicas. The Uboard has been designed a chain of safety enhancements to make sure you stay safe.

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