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Frequently Asked Questions

UBOARD is a personal mobility device with zero emission developed to improve human mobility across all platforms. It caters to people of all ages. All you have to do is to keep calm.

Absolutely, it takes 15 mins for a person to take full control of the UBOARD. Provided, you take it easy bro!

We provide Pan India Shipping, with cash on deliver only available in the National Capital Region & Chandigarh.

The weight of the person operating the UBOARD should be more than 120 kgs.

The UBOARD comes with the fast charging capability and it takes 2 hours to fully charge the UBOARD. Note: never charge the UBOARD for more than 2.5 hours

At full potential, the UBOARD can cover a distance up to 12 km.

Although it’s not advisable to ride it at greater speeds because there is always a risk of losing balance. But for reference the UBOARD has the ability to reach a top speed of 12km/h.

It’s recommended to put on safety gear if you decide to use the UBOARD outdoors. Roads are to be avoided , but you can always ride the UBOARD on fairly maintained surfaces.

You can definitely use the UBOARD at local markets only if you are a pro at it, although some malls have a restricted policy. So before taking it to a restricted place, it’s advisable to contact the respective authorities.

Don’t blame it on us, blame the Indian government for roads full of cracks bumps and shit.

The UBOARD can take slight splashes of water, as it is a water resistant device, but using the UBOARD in bad weather is not a good option.
Note : its always advisable not to ride on slippery or wet surfaces because one might loose balance.


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